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Holiday stress? Between shopping, cooking and getting everyone together, holiday hosting can be a high-pressure job. And, when you have opposing personalities, passive-aggressive comments, conflicting agendas and the other usual family dysfunctions, you might ask yourself, where’s the holiday joy in this?
Download the Gratitude Game now for just $6.79!
Gratitude changes everything. The Gratitude Game provides fun, creative ways for everyone to express their appreciation—for you, each other, and life in general. Playing this game will deepen connections among family and friends in a way that’s guaranteed to make everyone laugh. And if anyone cries, it’ll be in a good way.
Created in gratitude by gratitude experts. The Gratitude Game was developed by Stellar Living founders Steve Price, E-RYT, MFA, and Dr. Valorie Valencia, PhD, RYT. Both have been trained as relationship coaches by Gay and Katie Hendricks, and have developed a number of appreciation tools and practices. Steve, an award-winning poet, writes a love poem every day to Valorie, whose appreciation practices include blessing the water they drink.
Thankfully easy to download and play. The Gratitude Game takes minutes to set up and seconds to learn. Simply download and print out the pages, cut out the 24 cards, put them in a stack, and take turns picking a card. One round can take as little as 20 minutes. (We like to play it between the main course and dessert.)
Download the Gratitude Game now for just $6.79!
"Ironically, we rarely tell the people we love why we love them. This is a fun, creative way to finally articulate your appreciation—and it also feels great being on the receiving end."
    —Keith Thomson, Birmingham, AL
The Gratitude Game is good for your health. Science is now proving what humans have been experiencing since ancient cultures made gratitude a ritual.
When we think about someone or something we really appreciate and experience the feeling that goes with the thought, we’re activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms the body to optimize our immune system, digestion and capacity to heal. We can stay peaceful while still able to respond appropriately to stressful events.
Download the Gratitude Game now for just $6.79!
In the brain, gratitude stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin—the feel-good neurotransmitters. In fact, practicing appreciation on a regular basis can profoundly affect your health—and every other aspect of your life. Here are just a few of the benefits researchers have identified:
  • Makes heart patterns more coherent, potentially decreasing hypertension and reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • Increases heart rate variability (the variation in the heart’s beat-to-beat interval), a general indicator of good health
  • Increases sleep duration and sleep quality
  • Decreases stress and depression and their resulting diseases
  • Increases optimism, goal attainment, alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy levels
  • Increases happiness, positive mood, and satisfaction with life
  • Increases the sense of connection and closeness with others, solidifying and securing supportive social relationships
  • Increases kindness towards others
Basically, it’s impossible to feel grateful and negative at the same time. Appreciation increases positive emotions, and makes us feel better about life. When practiced regularly, appreciation is a total body experience that helps heal us at every level of our being.
Download The Gratitude Game right now for just $6.97! This is less than the cost of a store-bought pie—and a lot healthier. The feelings and healings this game can provide are priceless.
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Life’s too short not to feel grateful. Download now. Too often, we don’t express our appreciation. Why let another family gathering go by? Every opportunity to show your appreciation is precious. Order now!
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